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Welcome to the Musikschule Zug

Thank you for your interest in our school. The Musikschule Zug is a centre of excellence in music education. As one of the oldest and largest public music schools in Switzerland, we offer a wide range of instrumental tuition, ensemble playing, a vocal and a dance school as well as further education courses. We look forward to welcoming you or your child to a lesson, a course or a concert very soon!

One-to-one Tuition

92 highly qualified musicians and educators teach a wide range of subjects at the Musikschule Zug. Individual lessons can be started at the age of around 7 years (an earlier start may be possible after a personal evaluation). For most subjects, a brief assessment is carried out before starting lessons to ensure that your child is ready and the instrument suitable for him or her.

We also provide tuition for adult students whom we encourage to take lessons, learn an instrument or play in an ensemble. We will be happy to help you choose the right instrument for youself or your child and answer any questions you may have.

Ensemble Playing

Making music together is very important at the Musikschule Zug and is an integral part of instrumental and vocal training. Allocation and registration to an ensemble takes place in consultation with the teacher. From the second year of lessons onwards, wind-instrument players and percussionists play in a suitable ensemble, and our string players join the «Happy Strings» in the third year and later move on to our youth orchestra.

Early Music Education

Our school offers various courses for parents who want to get their children in touch with music at an early age. For preschoolers there are various options for group lesson in rhythm and movement. In kindergarten and primary school, music lessons are taught as part of the normal curriculum with the possibility to join a project-oriented group music class («Musiziergruppen»).

Singing School of Zug

A first contact with music almost always takes place through singing. Our «Zuger Singschule – Singing School of Zug» offers a wide variety of choirs for singers of all ages with many opportunities to perform at concerts, holiday events, recitals or festivals. We promote and encourage singing and making music together in a choir. Starting with parent-child singing activities for children from the age of 2, we offer a wide range of choirs for every age group from the 2nd year of kindergarten onwards. Singing together makes you happy and keeps you healthy!


Dancing is not only moving to music but also about discovering your body, promoting musicality, a sense of rhythm, imagination, concentration, coordination, and discipline. Additional benefits include a healthy posture, the development of body awareness, and simply enjoying dancing. The dance lessons are tailored to age. Ballet lessons are taught in line with the methodology of Ursula Borrmann (Waganowa system).

Further Education Courses

The Musikschule Zug offers a variety of further education courses for those interested in music. The courses range from music theory and history to singing for senior citizens. In between there are many offers to accomodate different interests and different musical levels. Current information on the courses and dates can be found on our website.

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